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Easter lamb Script: Latin Lettering: 2017 Engravers: Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner

2017 Austria 5 Euro Easter Lamb

A commemorative coin for the most important holiday

This is my entry for Day 1 “A” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!
A = Austria.

2010 - 2024 2024 (larger with A Z on top) Blogging from A - Z April Challenge a-to-zChallenge.com


Country name round Austrian central and federal states Coats of Arms and value

Script: Latin

· EURO ·

Engravers: Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner

Austria joined the “Euro” at its commencement in 2002, replacing the Schilling (made up of 100 Groschen). The European Central Bank set the regulations for normal circulating coins in the EU. Circulating coins, such as the 2017 Lithuania 20 Euro Cents have a set reverse common to all Euro coins, and an obverse designed by each country. Countries are free to design non-circulating collector coins as they wish. Non-circulating collector Euro coins are only legal tender in the issuing country. In general of course, most collector coins tend to be worth more as collectibles than their face value.

The obverse of this Austrian 5 Euro coin features the country name “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” around the edge, and the value “5” “Euro” centre and lower. The rest of the design is taken up by the shields of the nine federal states of Austria.

This design is reminiscent of many commemorative coins Austria has issued previously.


Easter lamb Script: Latin Lettering: 2017 Engravers: Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner

The reverse features a lamb in a field, in front of a representation of Jesus as the Paschal Lamb, Agnus Dei, the Easter Lamb. The Paschal lamb usually appears with a halo, with one front leg holding a cross or a spear with a penant flying from it. In colour, the penant is white with a red cross.

The image and idea of Jesus as the “lamb” of God, is prevalent throughout the bible. From Isaiah in the Old Testament, the Gospels (John 1:29), to the book of Revelation.

This coin is the first in a series the Austrian Mint have been producing each Easter, with a new 5 Euro Easter coin released most years (From 2017 to 2021 and again in 2024). The coin is copper, and nonagonal (9-sided). Not the most common shape, Numista only lists 97 nonagonal shaped coins, of which 73 are commemorative Euro coins from Austria. Of the remaining 24 coins, only 5 are circulating coins. One each from Kenya, Philippines and Thailand, and two from Tuvalu.

Easter lamb Script: Latin Lettering: 2017 Engravers: Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner





6 responses to “2017 Austria 5 Euro Easter Lamb”

  1. Carrie-Anne Avatar

    That’s a great coin! I’ve been a numismatist since 1988, when I was eight years old. It’s so fun to see what kinds of coins are minted in other parts of the world.

    1. Q Avatar

      Thanks Carrie-Anne! And you’re right, it IS fascinating to see coins from around the world – that’s what got me interested in numismatics in the first place – different coins around the world which were familiar in that they were money you could buy stuff with – but nothing like the ones I used to buy things with myself.

  2. Tarkabarka Avatar

    This is fun! I read a book titled The Chemistry of Money last year, and learned a whole lot about coinage. I love your theme 🙂 Happy A to Z!

    1. Q Avatar

      Ooh thank you – A new book recommendation!

    1. Q Avatar

      Thank you, I just read your post on wraiths, it was fantastically informative!

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