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Superb Fruit Dove PNC

Postal Numismatic Covers, or PNCs, are a popular issue in Australia particularly. Other countries have issued them, but none to the extent Australia does. The covers are similar to a First Day Cover the post office issues with stamps, PNCs also feature a coin, or medallion.

PNC: Envelope with a stamp in the top right, cancelled with a fancy postmark including an image of a dove.  There is a coin embedded in the envelope on the left, and the enveloped is coloured yellow with a large design of fruit doves on branches eating berries.  The same design is also on the stamp and coin

The 2021 Doves and Pigeons PNC features a pretty image of doves on a tree branch eating berries. The green, white, red and purple colours of the bird, with their yellow eyes, are quite captivating. The same image is represented on the stamp, and the pad-printed colour coin.

Close up of the Superb Fruit Dove dollar coin, as described in the post.

The coin is a $1 non-circulating coin minted by the Perth Mint for Tuvalu. Although circulating coins have previously been issued for Tuvalu, most, like this, are non-circulating collector issues. The Tuvalu dollar is pegged to the Australian dollar. Both countries coins circulate together, although Tuvalu has never issued its own banknotes.

The Effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Script: Latin


Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley Read more on Wikipedia

One thing I like about PNCs is that not only is the coin identified by a country, year and value, the PNC itself is dated. The stamp is cancelled with a special cancellation stamp bearing the first day of issue. In this case, 1 June 2021, and the location, Doveton, Victoria, 3177. Australia Post, who issue these, usually find a town or suburb with a name with either a direct connection to the subject, or which fits the theme (DOVE-ton).

The back of the PNC showing text about the issue and subject (Reproduced in the post)

The reverse of the PNC features details about the subject, and the issue. To save you squinting, I’ve reproduced the text below:

“Approximately 340 species of pigeons and doves (family Columbidae, order Columbiformes) are distributed almost worldwide, with strongest representation in tropical and subtropical regions. in Australia they occur in most habitats, from the dense rainforests of north Queensland to the windswept heathlands of Tasmania. Despite its brilliant plumage colouration, the arboreal Superb Fruit-Dove (Ptilinopus superbus) remains well hidden amidst foliage, so is more often heard than seen in the rainforests of eastern Queensland and north-easter New South Wales. These fruit-doves feed almost exclusively on fruits and berries, mainly in large trees. The nest is composed of a platform of interlocked forked twigs, placed five to 30 metres above the ground. The female incubates the single egg at night and the male incubates it during the day.

Stamp and cover design: Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio
Stamp, coin and cover illustration: William T Cooper
Image is reproduced by permission of CSIRO from Pigeons and Doves in Australia by Joseph M Forshaw AM, illustrations by William T Cooper AO. Published by CSIRO Publishing (2015).

Australia Post, 2021 Issue 25.

This postal and numismatic cover is limited to 6,500.”

The PNC has an RRP listed of $17.95



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