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  • 19 B.C. Rome Augustus Denarius Fouree

    19 B.C. Rome Augustus Denarius Fouree

    An ancient coin which isn’t what it seems This is a bonus entry for Day 18, “R” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!R = Rome. Obverse The Denarius is one of the most well-known denominations of ancient Roman coins. It was the most important silver coin in the Roman Republic and Empire for over 500…

  • 1975 Germany 5 Deutsche Mark (Cancelled)

    1975 Germany 5 Deutsche Mark (Cancelled)

    A coin whose story didn’t end when it was demonetised This is my entry for Day 7 “G” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!G = Germany. East and West Map of Germany showing West Germany (Green) and East Germany (Orange), from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_reunification Following WWII, Germany, even more than most countries, needed to rebuild. Germany was…

  • 1643 Malta 4 Tari

    1643 Malta 4 Tari

    An interesting countermarked coin Knights of Malta I’ve previously mentioned the Sovereign Order of Malta, founded in the 11th century, and still active. Like many religious organisations, the Order today is primarily focussed on helping those in need. Also like several other religious organisations (notably the Pope, currently the head of the Catholic Church, formerly…

  • 1902-10 UK Penny “Art”

    1902-10 UK Penny “Art”

    An interesting cut-out coin (and a bonus altered coin) Obverse The original coin is a United Kingdom Edward VII Penny 1902 – 1910. Edward VII ruled from January 1901 when his mother, Queen Victoria, passed away, until his own death (at 68 years old) in 1910. The piece has been carved quite carefully to cutout…

  • 1835 Brazil 40 Réis countermarked on 80 Réis

    1835 Brazil 40 Réis countermarked on 80 Réis

    A look at countermarked coins during a tumultuous period Brazil Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. Brazil has a 7,400km (4,500 mile) coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It has borders with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador.  It is known for its dense…

  • 2013 USA WheresGeorge $1 Bill

    2013 USA WheresGeorge $1 Bill

    A well-travelled banknote Obverse I was recently talking with a contact in the United States who wanted to send me a dollar bill. Why? So he could track it and get “WG hits” in as many places as possible. Intrigued, I agreed, and he duly sent me a $1 bill. It’s a well-used one, worn,…

  • 1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    It makes cents to follow Jesus. The “Lincoln memorial cent” is one of the most well-known US coin designs. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on the obverse has been constant since 1909 to the present day (well, 2023 as I write this at least). The Lincoln memorial reverse shows the Lincoln Memorial (which is in Washington DC).…

  • Cut Gallienus Antelope Antoninianus

    Cut Gallienus Antelope Antoninianus

    Cutting coins to give change goes back much further than medieval England: This coin was issued under Gallienus. The obverse is very similar to the Gallienus Stag I posted previously. Indeed, this Antoninianus is from exactly the same series, and features an antelope: As well as being cut in half, this coin is just generally…

  • Henry III Long Cross cut pennies 1247-1279

    Henry III Long Cross cut pennies 1247-1279

    In recent times, the UK has minted pennies, half pennies and farthings (1/4 penny), each as their own denomination coin. That wasn’t always the case. This is a penny issued under Henry III between 1247 – 1279. It shows the King’s portrait, facing front, with text around the edge. The coin has been cut in…