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Tag: Australia

  • 2023 Australia King’s Birthday Medallion PNC

    2023 Australia King’s Birthday Medallion PNC

    A PNC for a holiday A change in holiday In 2023, Australia Post released a medallion PNC to commemorate the King’s Birthday. This was a momentous occasion as it was the first time in 72 years that the holiday was for a King’s birthday, rather than a Queen. As someone from the Commonwealth, my head…

  • 2016 PNC 400th Anniversary Dirk Hartog’s landing

    2016 PNC 400th Anniversary Dirk Hartog’s landing

    A large medallion for a large milestone Unknown South Land (Early Dutch map of Australia (Hollandia Nova) showing much of the west and north of the country. Map from Swaen.com) Aboriginal people are known to have occupied mainland Australia for at least 65,000 years. It is widely accepted that this predates the modern human settlement…

  • 2014 Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines PNC

    2014 Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines PNC

    A well-presented PNC for a pair of centenaries Obverse When we think of military aircraft, and of submarines, actively engaged in a war, most of us don’t go back past WWII. This PNC reminds us that both types of craft were active right back to the beginning of WWI. Fittingly, the PNC features two coins…

  • 2024 Marine Emblems PMCs

    2024 Marine Emblems PMCs

    A set showcasing three state emblems on cut-out medallions Obverse Here is a set of three brightly coloured Postal Medallic Covers. They work well together, so I’m giving them all equal billing rather than trying to highlight just one. These showcase the marine emblems of three states of Australia. I must admit, I didn’t realise…

  • 2024 Australia $1 PNC “Out of this World”

    2024 Australia $1 PNC “Out of this World”

    The first Australian PNC featuring King Charles III* Front After a wait of 18 months since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the first Australian King Charles III coin has made it to a Postal Numismatic Cover. The theme is “Out of this World: Australia in Space”. The envelope features a nighttime view of Earth…

  • 2024 Lunar New Year PMC

    2024 Lunar New Year PMC

    The Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year The Lunar New Year is a very popular time for commemorative pieces of all kinds. Australia Post generally release at least one coin PNC, and at least one medallion PNC. As of 11th Feb 2024 (the morning after Lunar New Year), a search for “Year of the…

  • 2022 75th Anniversary of Peacekeeping PNC

    2022 75th Anniversary of Peacekeeping PNC

    Remembering peacekeeping on Armistice day Here is a PNC with a simple, effective design. Broadly blue, the colour of UN peacekeepers, and with the main theme being a dove holding an olive branch, a universal symbol of peace. The 11th November is “Remembrance day” or “Armistice day”. At 11am on 11 November 1918, the guns…

  • 2019 Centenary of First UK-Aus flight

    2019 Centenary of First UK-Aus flight

    A great use of the PNC envelope to show the subject In 1903 the Wright brothers famously flew. Although not the first flight, or even the first aeroplane flight, it was the first photograph of one – proving that pics or it didn’t happen isn’t a new phenomena. Within about a decade, by around 1914,…

  • 2014 Centenary of King George Stamps PNC

    2014 Centenary of King George Stamps PNC

    A follow-up impressive medallion The 2013 Centenary of Commonwealth Postage Stamps PNC commemorated the very first Australian designed postage stamps. Those stamps featured the very Australian design of a kangaroo on a map of Australia. The Kangaroo and Map stamp issue, introduced in 1913, was considered by many not to be sufficiently respectful of Britain.…

  • 2023 Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

    2023 Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

    A PNC and PMC to mark the occasion The 20th October 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Opera House. To commemorate the event, the Royal Australian mint released a non circulating, Aluminium-Bronze 50c piece. This is unusual as circulating 50c pieces in Australia are copper-nickel, so this one has a…

  • 2021 First Nations Australians $2 coins

    2021 First Nations Australians $2 coins

    A set of three indigenous themed coins Downies Collectibles, an Australian coin dealer, produced a presentation card containing the three First Nations Australians-themed coins produced by the Royal Australian mint in 2021. The three coins are: First, a note regarding terms: The AIATSIS website states: “‘Indigenous Australian’ is a very general term that covers two…

  • 2020 Australia Donation Dollar

    2020 Australia Donation Dollar

    The World’s First One Dollar Coin Designed to be Donated In 2020, the Royal Australian Mint embarked on a project to produce “millions of daily reminders to give“. “The Mint … intends to distribute millions of these Donation Dollar coins in to circulation over the coming years – one for every Australian. Each of these…

  • 1988 Australia Bicentenary dollar

    1988 Australia Bicentenary dollar

    A coin which might be controversial today Matthew Thompson from Thompson’s coins, posted a video of his three favourite Australian dollar coins you can find in change. This is a topic I really like – mints release so many “collector” coins, many of which are certainly beautiful. But to me, coins which CIRCULATED, coins which…

  • 1975 Cornish Festival medallion

    1975 Cornish Festival medallion

    Here is a medallion commemorating the 1975 Kernewek Lowender Cornish festival. This was the second such festival which started in 1973. The festival still runs every two years. 2023 was its 50th year. The Yorke Penninsula is on the South #Australia coast, just east of the capital city, Adelaide. Featured in the centre of the…

  • Superb Fruit Dove PNC

    Superb Fruit Dove PNC

    Postal Numismatic Covers, or PNCs, are a popular issue in Australia particularly. Other countries have issued them, but none to the extent Australia does. The covers are similar to a First Day Cover the post office issues with stamps, PNCs also feature a coin, or medallion. The 2021 Doves and Pigeons PNC features a pretty…

  • Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company Token

    Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company Token

    The Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company (P.J. & M.S.S.Co.) was formed in 1877, and ran ferries from Circular Quay, in Sydney’s CBD, to Manly, a tourist beachside town, now suburb of Sydney, Australia. In the early 20th Century, the company issued numerous metal passes to passengers on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly…