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Tag: Britannia

  • 1902-10 UK Penny “Art”

    1902-10 UK Penny “Art”

    An interesting cut-out coin (and a bonus altered coin) Obverse The original coin is a United Kingdom Edward VII Penny 1902 – 1910. Edward VII ruled from January 1901 when his mother, Queen Victoria, passed away, until his own death (at 68 years old) in 1910. The piece has been carved quite carefully to cutout…

  • 2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    One of the first coins to feature King Charles III King Charles III Charles Philip Arthur George was born on 14th November 1948. Becoming heir apparent at age 3 in 1952 when his mother Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II became King Charles III on her passing in September…

  • 2016 UK 2 Pounds

    2016 UK 2 Pounds

    The most recent Britannia. Obverse In 2015, the UK redesigned their coins to include a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The fifth crowned portrait was designed by Jody Clark. With the £2 coin being bimetallic, the portrait neatly fits in the central area with the text around the edge. The text reads “ELIZABETH II·DEI·GRA·REG·FID·DEF·2020·”,…

  • 1797 UK Penny

    1797 UK Penny

    The first base metal British penny Base metal coins The first base metal coins in Britain were farthings and half pennies struck from 1717 under George I. Previously these were struck from silver, with the face value being roughly equal to the value of the metal content of the coin. All higher denominations were still…