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Tag: Coat of arms

  • Imitation Spade Guinea Sam Lyon

    Imitation Spade Guinea Sam Lyon

    An interesting advertising ISG variant Obverse We’ve previously looked at another Imitation Spade Guinea (ISG) token. These are gambling tokens produced in the UK in the 1800s and early 1900s. They come in many varieties, although there are a handful of main types. The previous piece we covered was an “In Memory” type. Those are…

  • 2008 Kyrgyzstan 3 Som

    2008 Kyrgyzstan 3 Som

    An unusual modern value Kyrgyzstan The government of Kyrgyzstan (or the Kyrgyz Republic) describe their country as: “one the most scenic places in Central Asia. Two-thirds of its territory is occupied by the mountains, which is affected on variety of climate, landscapes, flora, and fauna. Being here, you will open to yourself the country of…

  • Imitation Spade Guinea “Good Old Days” UK

    Imitation Spade Guinea “Good Old Days” UK

    One of many fascinating gaming tokens Gaming tokens George III became king of the United Kingdom in 1760, following the death of his grandfather, George II. The industrial revolution was just getting under way, and local manufacturers were in a position to produce commemorative medalets. These were made firstly to mark his ascension, and then…

  • 1955 Yugoslavia 50 Dinara

    1955 Yugoslavia 50 Dinara

    A socialist coin from a series which works well together. 1946-63 Emblem of Federal People’s Republic (FPR) of Yugoslavia. Image from Wikipedia. Writing about the 1931 Yugoslavia 10 Dinara, I covered some of the early history of Yugoslavia – at least up to the creation of Yugoslavia as a dictatorship under King Alexander. This particularly…

  • 1974 Jamaica Proof Cent

    1974 Jamaica Proof Cent

    A very shiny cent from a newly independent country This is a bonus entry for Day 24 “X” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!X = Xaymaca (Jamaica). Independence As noted yesterday, there are very few coin issuing entities which begin with X. Jamaica is known as Xaymaca in the native language, so we’ll go…

  • 1978 Vatican 500 Lire Sede Vacante September

    1978 Vatican 500 Lire Sede Vacante September

    A coin to mark a once in 400 year event This is my entry for Day 22 “V” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!V = Vatican City. The Papacy The coat of arms of Vatican City, from Vatican.va Matthew 16:18, Jesus said to the Apostle Peter: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will…

  • 1818 Spain 8 Maravedis

    1818 Spain 8 Maravedis

    A coin from The Desired, or the Felon King? This is my entry for Day 19 “S” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!S = Spain. Spain Ferdinand VII swears on the 1812 Constitution before the Cortes in 1820, from Wikipedia. Spain followed a similar path to many other European nations: Founded as far back…

  • 1990 Qatar 50 Dirhams

    1990 Qatar 50 Dirhams

    A coin featuring one of the most relaxing looking state emblems This is my entry for Day 17, “Q” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!Q = Qatar. Obverse The obverse of the coin features the year above, in Gregorian and Islamic years (1990 – 1410) and the country name in Arabic below (دولَة قطَر, which…

  • 1949 Portugal 20 Centavos

    1949 Portugal 20 Centavos

    Just because I like Roman Numerals This is my entry for Day 16, “P” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!P = Portugal. Reverse The reverse of the coin features the denomination above the branches of an olive tree. The 20 of the denomination is written in Roman Numerals – XX. Roman numerals have often been…

  • 2003 Kenya 40 Shillings

    2003 Kenya 40 Shillings

    A commemorative value on a commemorative coin This is my entry for Day 11 “K” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!K = Kenya. Reverse The reverse of the coin features President Mwai Kibaki facing forward. Around the edge is the text “Third president of the Republic of Kenya H.E. Mwai Kibaki, CGH, MP.” Unlike the…

  • Aachen 12 Heller 1794

    Aachen 12 Heller 1794

    Aachen today, is a city in western Germany, on the border with both Belgium and the Netherlands. Aachen is famous for its spas, it’s cathedral and as the burial place of Charlemagne. In 1794, Aachen issued this 12 Heller coin: The coin is somewhat worn, and the top line is almost completely missing. It should…

  • Peru 1/2 Sol 1944

    Peru 1/2 Sol 1944

    I really like coins from Peru. Since the introduction of the “Sol” as the currency in 1863, Peruvian coins have featured the coat of arms on one side: The coat of arms, which was originally adopted in 1825, was proclaimed by Simón Bolívar as: “The arms of the Peruvian Nation shall consist of a shield…