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Inverted anchor cross. A cross with slightly widened ends, with two anchor flukes coming out of the top and curving left and right, also with slightly widened ends.

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Tag: Cross

  • 1920 Brazil 400 Réis

    1920 Brazil 400 Réis

    An interesting denomination and female personification of Liberty This is my entry for Day 2 “B” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!B = Brazil. Obverse We’ve previously looked at the 1835 Brazil 40 Réis (which was countermarked on an 80 Réis). At the time that coin was issued, Brazil had only recently achieved independence…

  • Christ died for our sins medallion

    Christ died for our sins medallion

    The meaning of Easter and Christianity in one image Obverse As a humble numismatist, I don’t think I am qualified to teach on theology. As a Christian, I can hopefully pen a few words on one of the key aspects of our faith without botching it too badly though! The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and…

  • 1943 Cameroon 50 Centimes

    1943 Cameroon 50 Centimes

    A WWII African coin showing support for the exiled Free France government. French Cameroon What became Cameroon was originally claimed by Germany as “Kamerun” in the “Scramble for Africa” of the late 19th century. Soon after WWI was declared, French and British troops poured into the country. The dense equatorial rainforest was as much an…

  • 1927 Austria 2 Groschen

    1927 Austria 2 Groschen

    A coin with an interesting font Obverse The obverse of the coin features the country name (“Österreich”, in German) and the year. I really like the font, the shape of the numbers, and the lightning bolt-type “s”. The main design on the obverse of the coin is known as a “Cross portent” – a cross…

  • Liard of Frederik Henry, Prince of Orange, France 1625-47

    Liard of Frederik Henry, Prince of Orange, France 1625-47

    A coin which isn’t what it first seems Mystery Coin Each fortnight, I include a photo of a coin in the newsletter, and ask people to guess what it is. When I shared this coin, I expected it would stump people, but it was ok, because I did in fact know what it was. Only,…

  • 1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    It makes cents to follow Jesus. The “Lincoln memorial cent” is one of the most well-known US coin designs. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on the obverse has been constant since 1909 to the present day (well, 2023 as I write this at least). The Lincoln memorial reverse shows the Lincoln Memorial (which is in Washington DC).…