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Tag: Denmark

  • 25 Øre token Denmark Dyrehavsbakken

    25 Øre token Denmark Dyrehavsbakken

    From the world’s oldest amusement park This is my entry for Day 4 “D” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!D = Denmark. Dyrehavsbakken (Pjerrot, the resident clown of the park. Read his story at liebhaverboligen.dk) Founded in 1583, Bakken, or Dyrehavsbakken as it is officially named, has been a firm favorite with the people…

  • 1838 Denmark 1/2 Rigsbankskilling

    1838 Denmark 1/2 Rigsbankskilling

    A simple, elegant design Denmark’s financial situation was, precarious, in the early 1800s. The largest single event was the Danish state bankruptcy of 1813 following the Napoleonic wars. By the 1830s, the currency was somewhat more stable. At that time, Denmark’s currency was the Rigsbankdaler, which was divided up into 16 Rigsdaler Courant and 96…

  • 1944 Greenland 5 Kroner

    1944 Greenland 5 Kroner

    Where is Greenland anyway? Despite being part of Denmark, and geopolitically part of Europe, Greenland is actually in North America. In fact, Greenland is only 35 km from Canada across the Nares Strait. Hans island, in the middle of the strait has been the site of possibly the most delightful war ever, the whisky war.…

  • 1856 Denmark 16 Skilling Rigsmønt

    1856 Denmark 16 Skilling Rigsmønt

    The mid-1800s was a tumultuous time in Denmark. There was not one, but two Schleswig-Holstein wars, leading to Denmark’s southern border with Germany moving north. In fact, there is a book titled “Schleswig Holstein: contested region(s) through history”, which details more than a thousand years of such conflicts. My own personal interest in this, is…