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Tag: Eagle

  • 284 Rome Numerian Tetradrachm

    284 Rome Numerian Tetradrachm

    A Nice thick Roman-Egyptian coin – with an eagle Numerian The “Crisis of the Third Century” was a period of great instability in the Roman Empire following the end of the Severan dynasty. Lasting from 235 – 284, one striking example of this was the year 238: The year of the Six Emperors. Towards the…

  • 1857 USA Cent

    1857 USA Cent

    A short but interesting issue of US cents The Cent As ubiquitous as the various forms of the “Lincoln Cent” are to anyone familiar with modern US currency, there were a number of designs before it. Even the long running Lincoln Cent has had five iterations. From 1793 to 1857, the cent showed a depiction…

  • 1931 Yugoslavia 10 Dinara

    1931 Yugoslavia 10 Dinara

    A coin with an eagle from a tumultuous time for Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. This is my entry for Day 25 “Y” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!Y = Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia Prior to WWI, the Austro-Hungarian Empire not only covered what is today Austria and Hungary. It also covered all or parts of what became…

  • 1975 Germany 5 Deutsche Mark (Cancelled)

    1975 Germany 5 Deutsche Mark (Cancelled)

    A coin whose story didn’t end when it was demonetised This is my entry for Day 7 “G” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!G = Germany. East and West Map of Germany showing West Germany (Green) and East Germany (Orange), from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_reunification Following WWII, Germany, even more than most countries, needed to rebuild. Germany was…

  • 1974 United States Quarter Dollar D

    1974 United States Quarter Dollar D

    A classic coin from the USA Obverse The obverse of the coin features a left-facing portrait of George Washington, above the year, with the mintmark (where present) to the right. My coin doesn’t have a mintmark so was minted at Philadelphia. Above is the text “LIBERTY” and to the left “IN GOD WE TRUST”. “In…

  • 1783 Sicily 1 Grano

    1783 Sicily 1 Grano

    A beautiful Italian bird The Kingdom of Sicily was a kingdom which existed in the south of Italy. Originally it included the south portion of mainland Italy, as well as the island of Sicily. However, in 1282, they split up, but evidently couldn’t agree who got to keep the name, so they both ended up…

  • Bosporan Kingdom 20 Æ 324-325 AD

    Bosporan Kingdom 20 Æ 324-325 AD

    The longest surviving Roman client kingdom Due to the ongoing situation between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea, most people have a bit of an idea where it is. Here is a map from the Balsille School of International Affairs: Several thousand years ago, the territorial borders looked a lot different (courtesy Greek City Times): The…

  • Kingdom of Elymais 100-150AD Drachm

    Kingdom of Elymais 100-150AD Drachm

    A nice eagle on a largely unknown coin The Kingdom of Elymais, or Elamais sat at the head of the Persian Gulf, in what is today, part of Iran. It was basically surrounded by the massive Parthian Empire, and frequently fell under their control. Both Elymais and the Parthian Empire were previously part of the…

  • Austria 10 Groschen 1952

    Austria 10 Groschen 1952

    The first coin in my collection Here is the 1952 Austria 10 Groschen, a coin which was produced by Austria from 1951 – 2001, a pretty good run! The (second) Austrian Schilling was produced after WWII, from 1945 – 2001. 1 Schilling is divided up into 100 Groschen. The coin has a simple but attractive…

  • Aachen 12 Heller 1794

    Aachen 12 Heller 1794

    Aachen today, is a city in western Germany, on the border with both Belgium and the Netherlands. Aachen is famous for its spas, it’s cathedral and as the burial place of Charlemagne. In 1794, Aachen issued this 12 Heller coin: The coin is somewhat worn, and the top line is almost completely missing. It should…

  • Russia 1 Denga 1749

    Russia 1 Denga 1749

    The Russian Ruble, used since the 14th century is the second oldest currency still in circulation (the oldest being the UK Pound Sterling. The Ruble is commonly cited as the first currency in Europe to be decimalised in 1704. In fact in 1535, the Denga was worth 1/100 Ruble. But, there is an argument that…