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Inverted anchor cross. A cross with slightly widened ends, with two anchor flukes coming out of the top and curving left and right, also with slightly widened ends.

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Tag: KM1

  • 1882 Zanzibar 1 Pysa

    1882 Zanzibar 1 Pysa

    A KM1 coin from a small African island. Here it is! The final entry, Day 26, “Z” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!Z = Zanzibar. Zanzibar The area known as Zanzibar has been home to humans for at least 20,000 years. Archaeological evidence includes Microliths (small tools used as spear points in the later stone…

  • 1976 Western African States 10 Francs CFA

    1976 Western African States 10 Francs CFA

    This is my entry for Day 23 “W” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!W = West African States. West African Monetary Union The European Union oversees a single currency, the Euro, which is used across most countries in Europe. This is known as a “Monetary union”. There have been other Monetary Unions, back to at…

  • 1952 Pakistan 1 Pice

    1952 Pakistan 1 Pice

    A coin with a large hole from a turbulent period Obverse The coin is bronze, round and with a hole. In fact, the hole is 9.5mm (3/8 inch). That is fairly large for any coin, but especially so, given the coin is only 21.3mm (0.84 inch) diameter. So 44.6% of the diameter of the coin,…

  • 1841 Jersey 1/52 Shilling

    1841 Jersey 1/52 Shilling

    An interesting fractional coin Reverse Which coin has the smallest value inscribed on it? Most currencies these days are decimal, with the smallest denomination coin equalling 1 / 100th of the main currency unit. One cent, for instance, or a penny. But generally they will say “1 cent” or “One Penny”. This coin, from Jersey,…

  • 1931 Vatican 5 Centesimi

    1931 Vatican 5 Centesimi

    The first coin from the new Vatican City State I recently shared an 1866 Papal States 2 Soldi, one of the last coins issued by the Papal States before the (then fairly new) Italian Kingdom invaded the vatican and seized the lands formerly controlled by the pope. Do read that post for more info on…