Text "C of N" on a postal numismatic cover surrounded by coins and tokens. See "About" page for list.

Coin of Note

Knowledge, one coin at a time.

Saint Eligius, pray for us

Inverted anchor cross. A cross with slightly widened ends, with two anchor flukes coming out of the top and curving left and right, also with slightly widened ends.

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Tag: Mining

  • N.C.B. Rawdon Check, UK

    N.C.B. Rawdon Check, UK

    A prototypical colliery check from England. The coal industry Coal had been mined in the UK as early as Roman times, but it wasn’t until the 1700’s that mining started to venture deeper than surface level. Steam engines powering the industrial revolution from the mid-1700s needed coal, and arrival of railways in the 1800s helped…

  • Compañía de Salitres de Antofagasta Wage token

    Compañía de Salitres de Antofagasta Wage token

    Multi-coloured Nitrate company Bakelite tokens from Chile In the 9th century, Chinese monks, looking for a life-extending elixar, instead created gunpowder. Saltpeter or potassium nitrate, is a key ingredient of this. Nitrate is also an important component in farming. When you harvest fruit, vegetables or grain, you take nitrate out. Putting it back in the…

  • Krasnolymanska Coal Mine checks, Ukraine

    Krasnolymanska Coal Mine checks, Ukraine

    Exonumia from a war zone Three for the price of one today! Mostly because I believe these all came from the Krasnolymanska Coal Mine in Ukraine, however I’m not 100% clear on how each was used. Trying to work out the text and run it through Google Translate, I came up with the text “ЩК-АИМ”…