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Tag: Monarchy

  • 2023 Australia King’s Birthday Medallion PNC

    2023 Australia King’s Birthday Medallion PNC

    A PNC for a holiday A change in holiday In 2023, Australia Post released a medallion PNC to commemorate the King’s Birthday. This was a momentous occasion as it was the first time in 72 years that the holiday was for a King’s birthday, rather than a Queen. As someone from the Commonwealth, my head…

  • 1936 British East Africa 5 Cents

    1936 British East Africa 5 Cents

    One of few coins bearing Edward VIII This is my entry for Day 5 “E” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!E = East Africa. The countries which used the East African Shilling and when they stopped (left), and the area of a new proposed East African Shilling (right). From Wikipedia. British East Africa British East…

  • 2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    One of the first coins to feature King Charles III King Charles III Charles Philip Arthur George was born on 14th November 1948. Becoming heir apparent at age 3 in 1952 when his mother Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II became King Charles III on her passing in September…

  • 2014 Centenary of King George Stamps PNC

    2014 Centenary of King George Stamps PNC

    A follow-up impressive medallion The 2013 Centenary of Commonwealth Postage Stamps PNC commemorated the very first Australian designed postage stamps. Those stamps featured the very Australian design of a kangaroo on a map of Australia. The Kangaroo and Map stamp issue, introduced in 1913, was considered by many not to be sufficiently respectful of Britain.…

  • King Charles III Coronation medallion

    King Charles III Coronation medallion

    The coronation of King Charles III was on the 6th of May 2023. There was no shortage of commemorative souvenirs available made by many different organisations, both official and less so. I picked this piece up from Downies purely because I like the coronation emblem and the cypher featured on it. Here is the Coronation…

  • 1657 Liard de France

    1657 Liard de France

    There are Facebook groups and email lists for people who like to collect one coin from every country (OFEC). One thing I idly try to do when I see pieces come up cheaply, is “one from every year”. I enjoy adding a coin from a year I didn’t have before. For the 1600s and 1700s,…