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Inverted anchor cross. A cross with slightly widened ends, with two anchor flukes coming out of the top and curving left and right, also with slightly widened ends.

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Tag: New Zealand

  • One Pint, Upper Hutt New Zealand

    One Pint, Upper Hutt New Zealand

    A token for a pint of milk from a country which relies on dairies. This is my entry for Day 14, “N” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!N = New Zealand. (View of a farm from the NZ Pocket Guide website on seasonal work in New Zealand) New Zealand is a nation founded on farming,…

  • 2005 New Zealand Dollar

    2005 New Zealand Dollar

    National symbols, and an error Decimal currency New Zealand introduced decimal currency on 10th July 1967. At the time, the coins were 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, with 1 and 2 dollar notes. From 1989 – 1991 a number of changes were made to the currency: The new 20c, $1 and $2…

  • 1987 New Zealand 5 Cents

    1987 New Zealand 5 Cents

    A coin featuring a living dinosaur The obverse of the coin, like all New Zealand coins from 1986 – 1998 features the 3rd portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Raphael David Maklouf. Australia used the same portrait from 1985 – 1988. The reverse features the tuatara, a fascinating creature from the time of the…