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Tag: USA

  • 1974 United States Quarter Dollar D

    1974 United States Quarter Dollar D

    A classic coin from the USA Obverse The obverse of the coin features a left-facing portrait of George Washington, above the year, with the mintmark (where present) to the right. My coin doesn’t have a mintmark so was minted at Philadelphia. Above is the text “LIBERTY” and to the left “IN GOD WE TRUST”. “In…

  • 2013 USA WheresGeorge $1 Bill

    2013 USA WheresGeorge $1 Bill

    A well-travelled banknote Obverse I was recently talking with a contact in the United States who wanted to send me a dollar bill. Why? So he could track it and get “WG hits” in as many places as possible. Intrigued, I agreed, and he duly sent me a $1 bill. It’s a well-used one, worn,…

  • Ward Beam’s Daredevils / Lord’s Prayer

    Ward Beam’s Daredevils / Lord’s Prayer

    Two seemingly contrasting themes from a different time Obverse Here is an interesting token with two quite different sides. Bert Ward Beam was an event promoter from Celina, Ohio. In the 1920s, he started promoting “wreck-it” races in which $50 jalopies would race to the finish, but crash along the way. B.Ward Beam is credited…

  • The Last Supper medallion

    The Last Supper medallion

    The 100th piece on the site, a present from my daughter This is the 100th post on the site and I hope you’re enjoying these little snippets about coins and exonumia. I’ve been trying to think how best to mark this milestone – my most expensive coin? A coin from a country I haven’t covered…

  • Aladdin’s Castle token

    Aladdin’s Castle token

    An anepigraphic token from an iconic US arcade. I mostly thought I’d write this one up as it is one which is hard to search for if you acquire one and don’t already know what it is. I have mentioned a couple of times in the Coin of Note newsletter that I like anepigraphic coins.…

  • 1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    1999 US Penny with Cross cut-out

    It makes cents to follow Jesus. The “Lincoln memorial cent” is one of the most well-known US coin designs. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait on the obverse has been constant since 1909 to the present day (well, 2023 as I write this at least). The Lincoln memorial reverse shows the Lincoln Memorial (which is in Washington DC).…

  • St Eligius banknotes

    St Eligius banknotes

    A collection of banknotes from the St. Eligius Numismatists Brotherhood honouring our Patron Saint Sir Frank Galindo, Knight of St. Eligius, has been involved in Numismatics for many years. He is the president of the Gateway Coin Club in San Antonio, Texas (USA). In 1995, Frank, and wife Karla, founded the Saint Eligius Numismatists Brotherhood,…

  • Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway (MK&T) check

    Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway (MK&T) check

    The railway that became the KM&T was incorporated in 1865 as Union Pacific Railway Southern Branch. It had nothing to do, however, with the transcontinental of that name then being constructed. In 1870 it was renamed the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company (MK&T), colloquially known as the Katy. The railroad survived for over 130…

  • Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad check, USA

    Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad check, USA

    From Wikipedia, the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company existed from 1852 – 1952. It was also known as TCI, and the Tennessee Company. TCI was a major American steel manufacturer with interests in coal and iron ore mining and railroad operations. This is a tool check, from T.C.I. Coke. A tool check is a…