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With God all things are possible, token

One collection I have started to build, is of religious coins, tokens and medals. I am particularly working on collecting as many pieces with bible references as I can find.

This piece not only includes a quote from scripture, but the biblical reference as well:

With GOD,
all things are
Mark 10:27
(with decorative flourishes above and below)

With GOD, all things are POSSIBLE, is from Mark 10:27. After Jesus had told a rich man to sell all he owned and follow Him, the man left sad, not wanting to give away all his wealth. The disciples then wondered who then could be saved? Jesus’ response, as quoted on this piece, reminds us that all we have, and all the grace that we receive, comes from God.

A cross, with flowers either side.

Jesus came to earth, knowing he would be crucified, but willing to go through it, in order to save us. What an amazing creator we have! With GOD, all things are POSSIBLE!

Don’t worry, I won’t give too many religious lectures! I am not qualified at all. But I wanted to give the context surrounding the quote on this piece. It is an amazing reminder of our creator.





2 responses to “With God all things are possible, token”

  1. Lyle Culp III Avatar

    This is a very beautiful and encouraging message on the coin, my friend. God bless

    1. Q Avatar

      Thank you, I really like this one too. It’s one of the reasons I like pieces like this, so many of them are so uplifting and inspiring!

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