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Category: Non-Circulating Coin

  • 2014 Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines PNC

    2014 Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines PNC

    A well-presented PNC for a pair of centenaries Obverse When we think of military aircraft, and of submarines, actively engaged in a war, most of us don’t go back past WWII. This PNC reminds us that both types of craft were active right back to the beginning of WWI. Fittingly, the PNC features two coins…

  • 1974 Jamaica Proof Cent

    1974 Jamaica Proof Cent

    A very shiny cent from a newly independent country This is a bonus entry for Day 24 “X” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!X = Xaymaca (Jamaica). Independence As noted yesterday, there are very few coin issuing entities which begin with X. Jamaica is known as Xaymaca in the native language, so we’ll go…

  • 1978 Vatican 500 Lire Sede Vacante September

    1978 Vatican 500 Lire Sede Vacante September

    A coin to mark a once in 400 year event This is my entry for Day 22 “V” of the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge!V = Vatican City. The Papacy The coat of arms of Vatican City, from Vatican.va Matthew 16:18, Jesus said to the Apostle Peter: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will…

  • 2024 Australia $1 PNC “Out of this World”

    2024 Australia $1 PNC “Out of this World”

    The first Australian PNC featuring King Charles III* Front After a wait of 18 months since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the first Australian King Charles III coin has made it to a Postal Numismatic Cover. The theme is “Out of this World: Australia in Space”. The envelope features a nighttime view of Earth…

  • 2014 Kazakhstan 50 Tenge

    2014 Kazakhstan 50 Tenge

    An interesting Soviet space shuttle on a coin from its home country (which isn’t Russia) Reverse The reverse of the 2014 50 Tenge coin is dominated by a space shuttle on a rocket booster, heading to orbit around Earth, with the moon in the background. The space shuttle is not one of the well-known American…

  • 2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    2023 UK 1oz Bullion

    One of the first coins to feature King Charles III King Charles III Charles Philip Arthur George was born on 14th November 1948. Becoming heir apparent at age 3 in 1952 when his mother Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II became King Charles III on her passing in September…

  • 2019 Centenary of First UK-Aus flight

    2019 Centenary of First UK-Aus flight

    A great use of the PNC envelope to show the subject In 1903 the Wright brothers famously flew. Although not the first flight, or even the first aeroplane flight, it was the first photograph of one – proving that pics or it didn’t happen isn’t a new phenomena. Within about a decade, by around 1914,…

  • 2013 Centenary of Commonwealth Stamps

    2013 Centenary of Commonwealth Stamps

    One of my favourite medallions, and stamps Prior to 1901, Australia was not a country, but a collection of British colonies. On 1st January 1901, the colonies all officially joined into the Commonwealth of Australia. Still with the British monarch as head of state, but with a federal government that could make its own decisions.…

  • 2023 Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

    2023 Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary

    A PNC and PMC to mark the occasion The 20th October 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Opera House. To commemorate the event, the Royal Australian mint released a non circulating, Aluminium-Bronze 50c piece. This is unusual as circulating 50c pieces in Australia are copper-nickel, so this one has a…

  • 1995 UK Peace 2 Pounds

    1995 UK Peace 2 Pounds

    A simple, elegant design without words in 1995, the UK issued a commemorative £2 coin to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The whole reverse design is taken up with a dove, flying left and holding an olive branch. The coin was designed by John Mills, who created some memorable…

  • Superb Fruit Dove PNC

    Superb Fruit Dove PNC

    Postal Numismatic Covers, or PNCs, are a popular issue in Australia particularly. Other countries have issued them, but none to the extent Australia does. The covers are similar to a First Day Cover the post office issues with stamps, PNCs also feature a coin, or medallion. The 2021 Doves and Pigeons PNC features a pretty…